Having the right personnel at the right time is crucial in the maritime and industrial/construction business industry. "The show must go on". When business is extremely busy or when an employee on a crucial position is ill, you need to partner up with a dependable company who can provide the correct personnel to do the right job.

Upon placement of an order, Oceanwide will provide you available and specifically selected candidates that meet your needs. Oceanwide has an extensive database of flexible seagoing crew and personnel specialists available in the Offshore / Energy sector to fill your gaps.

We offer various crew management combinations, which can be designed specifically to suit your needs. We can either provide a few of your crew or a full complement. We take full responsibility for bringing you the most proficient crew available.

Also, after working our employees as a temporary employee over a period of time, many of our customers wish to bring them over as a direct hire. No problem with Oceanwide, we will work with you to develop a temp to perm option if you desire.